Roofing Services

We are able to provide you with free exterior inspections with an emphasis on you roof whether it be Asphalt, Metal, TPO, or even Tile for your home or business.

With either of the types of roofs when we go over your inspections we can offer a tune up, small repairs to full replacements.

A tune up is where we recaulk over all exposed nails over the roof, and any other roof openings that aren’t supposed to be exposed and as well replace nails or add fasteners. Prices vary on size of roof, how many stories, and how many devices you have on the roof.

As far a small repairs it’s self explanatory except for the fact if the roof is over a certain age which depending on product and region can be very simple of must be replaced because it’s too brittle to repair one spot and as we repair it damages areas around the roof. So we maybe able to repair it but if we cannot we will recommend a full replacement.

For full roof replacements, we can offer bids and reports with pictures. Then once a contract is signed, we will remove the first layer, add new application per type of job and as well we haul off. We can also assist with bringing everything to code per your city and replace decking as needed.

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